About Longdean Sixth Form

One of the greatest changes you experience upon entering the Sixth Form is that you become a student: ‘one who studies…’.  We believe that, as you grow towards adulthood, an important task of the Sixth Form is to provide a bridge between the restrictions of adolescence and the responsibilities of being a mature young person.  This implies not only a willingness, interest and self-discipline regarding academic matters but also a commitment to the development of a thoughtful, enquiring and considerate attitude to personal and social responsibilities.  The purpose of the Sixth Form is to provide opportunities which fulfil these dual responsibilities.  We encourage students to participate in recreational and sporting activities, engage in Community Service either within school or in the wider community and to organize a wide range of social and academic activities.  Many school clubs and sports teams welcome the support and leadership of the Sixth Form, and Sixth Formers play an important role in helping younger pupils adjust to secondary education and in offering assistance in lessons.

UCAS 2021 Contextual Statement

Longdean School is a mixed comprehensive in Hemel Hempstead, drawing most of its students from the Dacorum area. The Sixth Form has around 200 students. 

During the spring lockdown 2020, students were provided with a combination of TEAMS™ lessons and work via satchel:one Show My Homework™. Due to limited technology access, not all students were able to attend TEAMS™ lessons. From June, students were taught with one 90-minute face to face lesson per subject a week and a continuation of TEAMS™ lessons. 

Since September we have not yet had a closure that has affected multiple year 13 students, although individuals have had to isolate. When isolating, students have been invited to join in-school lessons via TEAMS™.  

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Prospectus for September 2021


In coming to a decision about whether or not to stay on into Longdean’s Sixth Form you might wish to consider the following advantages:

  1. Range of subjects
  2. - We offer a very broad range of A Level subjects.
  3. Open Access
  4. - We are NOT wholly selective by academic ability.
  5. Continuity of Staff
  6. - You will probably already know the staff who will be teaching you.
  7. They know you not only from an academic point of view but as an individual.
  8. Settling in
  9. - You will know your teachers, your fellow students and the environment. There will, of course, be plenty of new experiences but you will not have to go through the worrying process of finding your feet in a new setting.
  10. Smaller classes
  11. - Classes will normally consist of ten to twenty students.
  12. Track Record of Examination Success
  13. - Longdean has an excellent record of success at all levels post-16.
  14. Facilities
  15. - The Sixth Form Study Centre provides a base for recreation (break and lunch), debate, discussion and group working.
  16. Pastoral Care/academic support
  17. - You will have daily contact with your Form Tutor who is responsible for your personal well-being.
  18. Four day week
  19. - We understand that for many the need to balance their education with paid employment. In the past we have been aware that many students spend much of their evening/weekend time at work and it encroaches into their study time and has a negative impact on well-being.
  20. Extra-Curricular Activities
  21. - We are proud of our very broad range of extra-curricular opportunities including sport, music, drama, dance, visits, trips abroad, Young Enterprise etc.
  22. Responsibility
  23. - You will be expected to exercise responsibility for the more junior members of the school.
  24. Cost
  25. - You may be asked to buy some text-books and specialist equipment and to finance field-trips and school visits.
  26. But if you are eligible there is a bursary available to support.
Full Text is available to download here
Approached with an open, positive and determined attitude, you will find the Sixth Form a very rich and rewarding experience.

Updated: 16/11/2021