Why Choose Longdean 6th Form

“Longdean is one of the few ‘good’ schools in Dacorum with ‘interesting and engaging lessons;’ teachers who have ‘strong subject knowledge’ and ‘commitment and enthusiasm’; and ‘strong’ outcomes for pupils.
”(Ofsted 2015)

“A strong Sixth Form curriculum and leaders who ‘know learners and their circumstances well’ (Ofsted 2015) mean that 100% of Sixth Form parents praise the sixth form experience and would recommend it
”(questionnaire Nov 2015).

“Membership of a consortium and Cooperative means that the sixth form provides ‘learning to meet a wide range of needs’
“(Ofsted 2015).

“As you know, Longdean was not our nearest school but our daughter had heard good things from her brother and wanted the same experience for herself, as did we.  She was supported by your staff in her final year in a way that enabled her to work hard and stay calm and we are very grateful for this.  She has finished school with a good set of friends, an ability to stay resilient and the university place she wanted.  Longdean completely fulfilled our expectations for both of our children, so thank you.”

(Year 13 Parent)

“I can’t speak highly enough of Longdean and in particular the 6th Form “team” – your support and the support he has received from every teacher in any of the subjects he has undertaken has been nothing less than superb. “
(Year 12 Parent)

“Our son came to Longdean in the Sixth form following a recommendation to the level 2 course. I would just like to say a very big thank you as he now has his Grade C in Maths, and improved his English to an A, and has an A* in the HPQ. He also passed the other subjects, so I am one very proud Mum. He is now staying with you to do his A Levels. This one year GCSE course you offer is fantastic & a great opportunity to give these young students a second chance. Well done to Longdean School for having the initiative & foresight to allow a second chance to students from other schools for more students to achieve greater things. Once he finishes his A Levels he would like to go on to Uni.”
(Year 12 Parent)

“We would like to thank you and your staff for the support, encouragement and positive experience they have given to our son during his seven years at Longdean School. He came to the school struggling with confidence and was immediately appreciated and encouraged to be himself rather than moulded into someone he could not be. Through Longdean School he has been able to participate in two World Challenge Expeditions, enabling him to experience different cultures and learning to cope in difficult situations while working as part of a team. He has worked hard to raise all the money for these trips, and the skills learnt will be invaluable during his adult life. Your teachers have enabled him to grow into the confident and hard-working person he is today. They have encouraged and supported him to follow his ambitions and dreams which resulted in him obtaining amazing results in his GCSEs and A-Levels, Culminating in a place at Cambridge University. He has studied extremely hard to reach this goal, but without his dedicated teachers he would not have achieved this alone. He has been helped by many teachers over the years, including several that have been particularly inspirational to him.  We hope that Longdean continues to offer this high level of teaching and support over the coming years as it has produced an amazing student and our remaining two sons will continue to benefit from your dedicated staff. Many thanks to all the staff that have worked with him during his time at Longdean.”
(Year 13 Parent)

Updated 11/06/2020