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This area shows email contacts for all members of staff. The default format for school email addresses is:
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Where I is the Initial and Surname is the persons last name.  In some cases an email will have more than one initial to distinguish between staff with similar names

Senior Leadership Team

Name Email Prefix Role
Mr G.Cunningham c.anthony Headteacher 
Miss S.Embrey s.embrey Deputy Headteacher/PE
Ms T.Doyle t.doyle Finance Director
Mr D.Lawrence d.lawrence Assistant Headteacher/Maths
Mr L.Coot l.coot Assistant Headteacher/
Mr R.Muskett r.muskett Assistant Headteacher/Science
Mr P.Ratcliffe p.ratcliffe Assistant Headteacher/VT/English
Miss B.Segalini b.segalini Assistant Headteacher/SENCO
Mrs C.Heward c.heward Assistant Headteacher/Sixth Form
Mrs. C.Anthony c.anthony PA to Headteacher
Ms B.Hill b.hill Head of Year 7
Mrs K.Levesley k.levesley Head of Year 8
Mrs F.Neilan f.enilan Head of Year 9
Ms H.Plumb h.plumb Head of Year 10
Ms J.Elms j.elms Head of Year 11


Name Email Prefix Role
Ms J.Rogers Pastoral Manager for Transition and Year 7
Mrs M.Quinn m.quinn Pastoral Manager for Year 8
Mrs J.Martin j.martin Pastoral Manager for Year 9
Mrs H.Williams he.williams Pastoral Manager for Year 10
Ms A.Jarman a.jarman Pastoral Manager for Year 11
Mrs K.Munjic k.munjic Pastoral Manager for Sixth Form


Name Email Prefix Role
Mrs S.Doyle s.doyle DOL English
Mrs A.McEvoy a.mcevoy ADOL English
Ms K Darke k.darke English
Ms S.Davies s.davies English
Ms S.Doyle so.doyle English
Ms C.Gelsomino c.gelsomino English
Ms S.Kingham s.kingham English
Mr P.Ratcliffe p.ratclife English
Ms K.Read English
Ms L.Rudling l.rudling English
Mr S.Cotton s.cotton English
Ms S.Rahman-Blake s.rahmanblake English


Name Email Prefix Role
Ms S.Keet s.keet DOL Maths
Mr A.El Amine A.El Amine ADOL Maths
Mr J.Deacon J.Deacon Maths
Mr L.Dalmon l.dalmon Maths
Mr M.Haddouch m.haddouch Maths
Mr I.Loffler i.loffler Maths
Ms R.Panchal r.panchal Maths
Ms A.Razaq A.Razaq Maths
Mr D.Woolf d.woolf Maths
Mr A.Lipinski a.lipinski Maths
Mr D.Lawrence d.lawrence Maths
Ms A.Cooke a.cooke Maths


Name Email Prefix Role
Mr M.Oliver-Singleton m.oliver-singleton DOL Science
Miss C.Pennington c.pennington ADOL Science
Mr M.Walters m.walters ADOL Science
Ms L.Brown l.brown Science
Mr L.Harley l.harley Science
Ms L.Hodgkinson l.hodgkinson Science
Mr N.Munday n.munday Science
Mr J.Tighe j.tighe Science
Ms P.Dehaney Murray p.dehaneymurray Science
Ms E.Hollis e.hollis Science
Ms S.Zarooq s.zarooq Science

Modern Foreign Languages

Name Email Prefix Role
Mrs V.Unvois v.unvois DOL MFL
Mrs V.Brooks v.brooks MFL
Miss F.Herrero f.herrero MFL
Ms R.Kelly r.kelly MFL
Mrs O.O’Hanlon o.ohanlon MFL (French)
Ms S.Hodgson s.hodgson MFL (Spanish)


Name Email Prefix Role
Ms K.Lilley k.lilley DOL Geography
Mr M.Macdonald m.macdonald Lead Practitioner/Geography
Ms L.Scamans l.scamans Geography
Mr D.Pischedda d.pischedda Geography


Name Email Prefix Role
Mr J.Gavigan j,gavigan Leading Practitioner/History
Mr O.Waterworth o.waterworth History
Ms C.Keith C.Keith History


Name Email Prefix Role
Mrs K.McKerrell k.mckerrell DOL ICT and Computing
Mr A.Baig a.baig ADOL ICT
Mr S.Mosima s.mosima ADOL ICT
Mr M.Pearce m.pearce Computing
Mr J.Rabey Mr J.Rabey Economics


Name Email Prefix Role
Mr S.Rathore s.rathore Director of STEM, DOL Technology
Miss M.El Boukili m.elboukili ADOL Technology/CLA Co-Ordinator
Ms K.Rushworth k.rushworth Technology (Food)
Mr A.Towler a.towler Technology
Ms K.Downes k.downes Technology (Food)
Ms A.Rush a.rush Technology (Food)

Psychology and Sociology

Name Email Prefix
Ms A.Rabjohn a.rabjohn DOL Psychology
Ms V.Harrison v.harrison Psychology/Sociology

Physical Education (PE)

Name Email Prefix Role
Mr M.Jones m.jones DOL PE
Ms J.Barter j.barter ADOL PE
Mr D.Gilder d.gilder Leading Practitioner PE
Miss S.Embrey s.embrey PE
Mr D.Jennings d.jennings PE
Ms M.Fielding m.fielding PE
Mr G.Vivian g.vivian PE


Name Email Prefix Role
Mrs J.Sonnier j.sonnier DOL Art
Ms K.Berryman k.berryman Art
Ms K.Levesley k.levesley Art


Name Email Prefix Role
Ms S.Harris s.harris DOL Vocational Education
Mrs C.Hewitt ca.hewitt Child Development Teacher
Ms L.Passmore l.passmore RE


Name Email Prefix Role
Miss B.Segalini b.segalini Assistant Headteacher/SENCO
Ms C.Chalmers-Tomlinson c.chalmerstomlinson SpLD Teacher
Ms L.Reynolds l.reynolds Admin support for SEN
Ms A.Game Inclusion
Ms G.McDonnell g.mcdonnell Counsellor

Human Resources

Name Email Prefix Role
Ms J.Tapping j.tapping HR Manager
Ms J.Chapman j.chapman HR Administrator

Updated 20/01/2022