What we do

At Longdean students come first as children only get one chance for a world class education. Longdean School is well placed to deliver this. We recognise that every young person is a unique individual with their own strengths, areas of excellence and places where they face challenge and adversity. Our focus is on empowering all students regardless of their contexts and backgrounds to become confident, well rounded, lifelong learners and citizens.

We want all Longdean students to:

  1. Feel safe and secure in a learning environment of which we are proud.
  2. Be inspired, challenged and motivated to learn.
  3. Possess the academic, emotional and social skills needed to be successful in life.
  4. Leave Longdean literate and numerate as these are essential skills needed beyond school.
  5. Have the aspiration and resilience to seek new opportunities and overcome challenges.
  6. Contribute to the local, national and international communities we are an integral part of.
  7. Leave Longdean with control and choice over our future.

When students leave school they will enter a very challenging environment. The job market is increasingly global and students are likely to have 10 employers by the age of 35. Many employment or educational opportunities are likely to be in Europe, America or Asia. These jobs will also require students to possess skills as well as qualifications and have the ability to use technology that has not yet been invented.

In this context schools have an obligation to ensure students leave school with the skills and qualifications needed to have control and choice over their futures and to contribute to the communities they are part of. Alongside these personal qualities, emotional intelligence and resilience are also crucial in order to thrive in an ever changing world.

Our unique curriculum, strong pastoral structure and wider experiences will present all students with the opportunity to develop these attributes from Year 7 all the way through to Post 16 and beyond. We offer opportunities for students who have an interest and aptitude for Performing Arts or STEM subjects to study these in greater depth with like minded students in Key Stage 3. As students progress through Key Stage 4 & 5 they can pursue an academic or vocational pathway or a mixture of the two through our blend of academic GCSE and A level courses alongside BTEC programmes. These can lead students to university, college or onto apprenticeships.

However, schools do not work alone and they will only have limited success if they are working in isolation. Students have a responsibility to seize the initiative and engage with the possibilities presented to them. Parents also need to work alongside the school in reinforcing the importance of qualifications and these key skills and developing them in their children.

On behalf of everyone at Longdean I look forward to continuing the development of these core skills and attributes in all our students so they will gain the maximum benefit from their time with us and be well prepared for their life beyond education, wherever it may take them.

Best regards
Graham Cunningham
September 2020

Updated: 23/09/20