Careers Education & Guidance

At Longdean we recognise the importance of student access to a varied timetable of careers related learning, and the following briefly outlines our aims and activities.  

To access the full document detailing how Careers Education and Guidance is incorporated into the Longdean curriculum, please click here.

What are we aiming to do?

  Help students make informed choices and transitions affecting their future education, training and employment. 
  Promote self-awareness, self-development and personal assessment.
  Prepare young people for their working lives by enabling them to review previous transitions, their interests, aptitudes and preferred approaches to learning.
  Develop skills to prepare the students for future choices and transition.
  Develop the career management skills of decision-making, action planning and self-presentation.

The Careers Programme

We have a structured programme of Careers which takes place as specific modules during Social Science lessons, from Year 8 to Year 11.  In this time we gradually build up knowledge, confidence and employability skills so that informed choices can be made and future transitions are successful.

Supplementary Activities and Contacts with Business

At Longdean we recognize the importance of students having regular contact with employers.  In a recent BBC report it was found that if students had four or more contacts with employers before they left school they would be 86% less likely to become a Neet - "not in education, employment or training".  The findings, from the Education and Employers charity, suggest that there are many long-term benefit of links with business.  Some of the work related learning activities which we do include work shadowing, career talks, mock interviews and CV workshops.