Sports Day 2021

Sports Day is BACK!

2021 has been the year of spectacular returns, the country has gradually been reopened, the European Championships and Wimbledon are in full swing, and the Olympics is set to go ahead later on this year.

Longdean School mirrored this with the return of Sports Day, which saw hundreds of students turn up at Jarmans Park to represent their house in a variety of athletics events. Students were required to show speed, strength and explosivity in order to win their events and to enable their house to be crowned champions of sports day. 

Throughout the day students showed excellent athletic prowess, breaking school records in a multitude of events across all years, including hurdles, triple jump and shot put. After a morning of tough competition, the afternoon saw the introduction of the staff vs students’ events. 

The three-legged races saw the teachers hold their own with excellent displays of teamwork and co-ordination, with Mr Jennings and Mr Vivian winning the first race with blistering speed and some timely falls from other competitors.

Next up was the greatly anticipated relay race, in which the students ran away with the victory, meaning it was all down to the tug of war. The whistle sounded, and the rope was hung in equilibrium with both sides giving maximum effort.

Then with sheer strength, excellent teamwork, and maybe a slight size advantage, the teachers managed to get into the groove and win with a pretty flawless victory. After the excitement of the tug of war, the time had come to announce the winners of Sports Day.

In 4th place was Pascal

3rd place was Gates

2nd place was Da Vinci

Winning sports day for the first time in their history, Franklin

Overall, the day was an excellent spectacle of competitive sport. 
Congratulations to all of the students who took part, your efforts on and off the track made the day to be the amazing event that it is. 
Roll on Sports Day 2022.

By: George Vivian

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Updated  07/07/2012