Longdean Parents

Letter from the Head

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1 May 2018

Dear Parents and Guardians

I am writing to thank you for supporting the school during our recent focus on school uniform.  As I have stated in previous letter home, school uniform promotes a strong attitude to learning, enhances a sense of identity and community ethos.  Uniform also helps members of the wider community form a positive impression of Longdean School and the student who attend.  Finally, it demonstrates that all of us are willing to adhere to the Home School Agreement signed by school, students and parents.

Over the last two weeks I have been very impressed with the vast majority of students who wear their uniform correctly, with pride and look very smart.  I am also very grateful to parents who have worked with the school by ensuring that their children leave home correctly dressed or by providing us with a note if there are any problems with uniform.

We are however still experiencing a few problems with some students around the issue of jewellery, headphones and, for girls, the length of skirts.  Regarding jewellery, please can I remind all parents that for boys and girls only one pair of studs are allowed and a watch. These are the only items that students are permitted to wear and retainers are not allowed.  If students are seen with additional items they will be asked to remove them and they will be confiscated.  Headphones are only allowed in classrooms, with teacher permission, and anywhere at break and lunchtimes.  If they are seen at other times, other than in classrooms they will be confiscated. 

Sixth Form are permitted to use headphones in the library, canteen and their own study areas during lessons.

The length and tightness of some girl’s skirts is still causing me concern.  Some girls are still persisting in wearing tight fitting or short skirts.  This can cause embarrassment and loss of dignity for female students whilst using the stairs, sitting on the field or when engaged in practical subjects such as Drama.  Whilst I appreciate that all students wish to develop their own identity and character I am concerned that some girl’s modesty, self-esteem and pride is being undermined by choices they are making.  We have held assemblies this week for female students to highlight these points and highlight examples of appropriate skirts that can be worn.

Please can I urge all parents to ensure that female students wear a pleated knee length skirt to school, preferably with tights underneath.  I have attached some photos below of skirts that are acceptable.  These can be found at many local outlets or on the Longdean section of the Marks and Spencer website.  They are the same images that were shown to female students in assembly.

Girls Uniform 1  Girls Uniform 2                   

I thank you in advance for your on-going support with this issue.

Yours sincerely

Mr Cunningham