Reasons to Join Longdean

We are Good

Longdean ‘continues to be a good school’ (Ofsted 2019).

Longdean pupils

‘This is a large, friendly school. Pupils, parents and staff say that they enjoy being part of its community. Behaviour is good in lessons and at breaktimes.’ (Ofsted 2019) 

Pupils tell us that they are ‘polite and friendly with one another’ and feel safe and 90% of parents tell us that there is no bullying or that it is well dealt with (questionnaire Nov 2018). ‘Pupils are kind to each other and to visitors to the school… Pupils are confident that staff take good care of them. They feel safe. Bullying is rare. Pupils said that staff are quick to deal with bullying, should it occur (Ofsted 2019).

‘Pupils are taught how to keep themselves safe from harm, including online. Pupils say they feel safe at school and are confident to speak to staff when they are worried’ (Ofsted 2019). 

Pupils are ‘proud of their school and say that they would recommend it to younger pupils.’ (Ofsted 2019) and would recommend the school to a friend (questionnaire Nov 2018). 

Year 7 Parent: "Our son seems to have 'taken like a duck to water' to his new school environment and I am certain this is due to the brilliant taster and campus days he attended prior to joining."

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Learning at Longdean

Staff ‘want all pupils to do their best,’ ‘have strong subject knowledge,’ ‘use information from pupil assessment effectively’ and ‘plan a good sequence of learning and revisit knowledge.’ ‘Pupils enjoy their lessons because teachers plan interesting activities for them’. (Ofsted 2019)

‘Leaders are ambitious for all pupils.’ ‘Pupils are able to tackle challenging work’ and leaders ‘ensure that pupils who need extra help are well supported. For example, there is a STEM group in Year 7 to support pupils with extra reading and writing.’ (Ofsted 2019)

Some of our unique curriculum features include a KS3 Competency Curriculum which teaches resilience and how to learn; a Year 7 STEM group; core GCSEs studied over three years and a GCSE option sat in each of Yr 9, 10 and 11, thereby challenging potential passivity; membership of a consortium and Cooperative to widen pupils’ subject choices; and a Mathematics & Computing specialism which supports whole-school numeracy, success in maths qualifications and ICT resources in all subject areas.

‘Pupils and parents like that pupils can study lots of extra subjects at GCSE, such as fashion, photography and engineering.’ (Ofsted 2019)

‘Many subjects have trips and extra activities. For example, pupils can go to Europe and Japan. These trips help pupils to do well in their GCSEs.’ (Ofsted 2019)

100% of Sixth Form parents praise the Sixth Form experience and would recommend it (questionnaire Nov 2018). ‘Students in the sixth form achieve well. They enjoy their studies and are well supported. Staff provide students with helpful information about next steps after the sixth form.’ (Ofsted 2019)

Alban Federation Teacher Trainee
: "I was absolutely blown away by the school... It was truly fascinating to see a school that operates so differently in the way that it approaches teaching GCSE, and to see this in practice with the variety of lessons that we were invited into with the Geography department. Inspired by my day at Longdean, last night after dinner my children and I 'Dropped Everything And Read' a book for 15 minutes. It was a gorgeous way to calm everyone down!"

Year 12 Parent: "Our son came to Longdean in the Sixth form following a recommendation to the level 2 course. I would just like to say a very big thank you as he now has his Grade C in Maths, and improved his English to an A, and has an A* in the HPQ... I am one very proud Mum. He is now staying with you to do his A Levels. This one year GCSE course you offer is fantastic & a great opportunity to give these young students a second chance. Well done to Longdean School for having the initiative & foresight to allow a second chance to students from other schools for more students to achieve greater things."

Year 13 Parent: "Our son joined Longdean in Year 12 to study for his A-levels. He achieved beyond our greatest expectations, with A*A*A*A at A-Level. Thanks to the commitment and hard work of all the staff... the support of his Special Needs, he has gone on to his first choice of University. He grew as a person at Longdean, through the extra curricular activities"

Year 13 Parent: "We would like to thank you and your staff for the support, encouragement and positive experience they have given to our son during his seven years at Longdean School. He came to the school struggling with confidence and was immediately appreciated and encouraged to be himself rather than moulded into someone he could not be. Staff have encouraged and supported him to follow his ambitions and dreams which resulted in him obtaining amazing results in his GCSEs and A-Levels, Culminating in a place at Cambridge University. Many thanks to all the staff that have worked with him during his time at Longdean."

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Longdean life

We are housed in a light, airy building with state-of-the-art facilities.

We’re a thriving International School and ‘There are lots of opportunities for pupils to learn about other cultures and countries.’ (Ofsted 2019)

Membership of the East Dacorum Cooperative Learning Trust gives our pupils and sixth form students exciting links to other institutions, businesses and employers. ‘Pupils benefit from a range of experiences which help them prepare for the world of work. For example, all pupils in Year 10 attend work experience for a week and employers come into school to work with pupils during the year.’ (Ofsted 2019)

There are numerous student leadership opportunities. For example, ‘Sixth form students ‘contribute to their school by mentoring the younger pupils and spending two hours a fortnight on community service’ and ‘Many pupils complete the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.’ (Ofsted 2019)

Events such as the annual whole-school Charity Walk have raised over £35,000 for good causes.

Year 11 Parent: "I have just come back from watching my son compete in the school athletics in Watford and I wanted to say what an absolutely fantastic PE staff Longdean School has. I have watched my three children partake in a variety of sporting events over the past few years including netball, athletics, football and rugby and I have always been hugely impressed by the sheer commitment of your team. They are incredibly encouraging and show enthusiasm and total commitment to all the children. They are always quick to offer a word of encouragement, advice and / or direction. I just wanted to acknowledge and thank them for the great job they do."

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Liaison with parents

96% of parents say that the school is well led and managed (questionnaire Nov2018) and parents appreciate the way leaders talk with them about majorchanges planned for the coming years.’ (Ofsted 2019)

‘Leaders work effectively with external agencies to provide the support families need.’ (Ofsted 2019)

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Updated 13/07/2020