Uniform Requirements

School uniform is compulsory for the first five years.  School shoes should be worn to and from school and in all lessons except PE; black trainers are not acceptable.  
Please ensure that all clothing is labelled with the student's name.

Items are available from the School Shop, M&S Your School uniform or other retailers, as detailed:

White buttoned to neck - long sleeve or short sleeve
Plain black, tailored - knee length or below/invert pleat – pencil (not cord or denim and no leggings)

Trousers (boys)

Black gabardine (not cord or denim)

Trousers (girls)

Black classic (not cord or denim, leggings or hipsters are not allowed –  trousers must be suitable for tucking-in blouse - see here for clarification)


Single breasted polyester, black with embroidered badge.  Available only from M&S


Plain, black, knitted, v-neck.  No cardigans.


KS3 School tie Royal blue/silver stripes (available only from School Shop)
KS4 School tie Navy blue with Longdean logo (available only from School Shop)


White/Grey/Black only
Black or Natural
Plain Black or Blue
Polishable Black (no high heels, boots, sandals, ugs, plimsolls, backless shoes or trainers).
Kameez, head scarf

*M&S are currently updating all their blazer designs slightly and this may cause availability issues over the next few weeks.  Any queries should be raised in the first instance with M&S customer services; if a query remains unresolved parents can contact then Longdean Finance to liaise on their behalf.

The School Shop opening hours are 8.15 - 8.30, 11.10 - 11.30 and 1.30 - 2.15 during term time only.  Please note that stationery, calculators and revision materials, are also available from the School Shop.  

For a guide to ordering online and instore with M&S please click here.   For the most recent Uniform information letter please click here,

Personal Appearance

  • If worn, makeup must be subtle and natural e.g. no thick eyeliner, eye shadow or nail varnish
  • The only jewellery permitted is one small earring in each ear and a watch.  No other piercings are permitted e.g. tongue, eyebrow, cheek, nose, lip etc.
  • Hair should be one shade, one colour (no bands).  Hair must be a colour that appears naturally e.g. blonde or brunette
  • Hair ties, ribbons etc. should be black or navy