Parents regularly provide us with feedback about their children's success and experiences at Longdean.  Here are a selection:


I would like to say a big thank you to you and the staff of Longdean School for a lovely award evening.  We are very proud of the achievements our daughter has made and it is thanks to you all. Secondly, what an amazing speech by Mr Fehinti Balogun, [ex-Longdean and RADA student] who gave an inspirational speech.

Parents of Longdean student


I am getting on very well at my job in London and university is all going well.  I have learnt so much in the last few months being at work and cannot wait to see what this year brings.  My Product Design has helped me so much as well, especially at university.  Thank you so much for all of the help that you gave me throughout the course.
Longdean Sixth Form Alumni
We have three (very different) grandchildren attending Longdean – all happy and progressing well in their learning, both academically and socially.  I ran a small secondary school - now retired - and we both feel nothing but admiration for your tremendous achievements steering the ship. 

Grandparents of Longdean students
Thank you for having a school where children feel valued, respected, encouraged and motivated.  That is no easy task.  I'm truly grateful.  I feel like I have my little girl back.

Parent of student who joined Longdean mid-year from another school
Finding a way for Jess (Stretton) to train weekly with the Paralympics team has been the key to her success and this could not have happened without the schools help. Thank you for running a "gold medal" school!

Head Paralympic Coach, Archery GB
We would like to thank you and the teaching staff who worked with our son over that last two years.  He has never been the most dedicated or organised student but with your help and patience, he has achieved his required A-level grades and is taking up a place at Nottingham Trent University this year to study sports science and coaching.  We are extremely grateful to Longdean School for helping him set his goals and achieve them.

Year 13 parents
Thanks so much for this morning and the amazing amount raised by the students of Gates House.  I was very impressed by the whole assembly and the conduct of the young people.
Woodfield School
My son started Longdean this year and we couldn’t be happier with how he has settled into secondary school life; it’s been a very positive experience.

Year 7 parent
I was excited to read about this new initiative, which I think will make a massive difference.

Parent reaction to the 'Drop Everything And Read' initiative
I felt compelled to drop you a line to say what an absolute privilege it was to watch the drama performance in the Lion Theatre this evening.  The students were outstanding and I am sure you must be extremely proud of their efforts.  All four shows were moving and engaging, a triumph for all concerned.  My congratulations to all involved.
Year 9 parent
We just wanted to thank you and your colleagues for organising such a fantastic sports tour to Playa d'Aro.  Both our daughters had a great experience and especially commented on how lovely all the teachers were.  Thanks again for looking after them all so well and hope that you have now recovered and enjoyed a well deserved Easter break.
Year 8 & 10 parents
Thank you for visiting St Albans Cathedral with your pupils last week.  They were a pleasure to work with, and I hope you all had an enjoyable and stimulating experience.  We look forward to working with you again in the future.

Education Officer, St Albans Cathedral


I just wanted to say thank you to you and Mrs Redwan for the lovely letter you sent to my son to congratulate him on his positive attitude to learning.  It was wonderful to receive such a letter and has given him a great confidence and motivation boost.  All our family are very proud of him and it was lovely to hear he is working hard in English.

Year 10 parent

Thank you for the letters you have sent me in recent weeks in reference to my son.  It was wonderful to receive such high praise from his teachers and especially Headteacher.  I am extremely proud of him, he really is focused on his school work and already revising for his GCSEs, for which I am very pleased about.  He has recently changed groups in Maths and he is so very pleased that he has been - he has stated how much he has already learnt and how well his teacher explains maths problems with him and the class. Again, thank you for your letters, they really do mean a lot to us.

Year 11 parent

Thank you for your letter about our son's achievements.  

It is nice to receive praise and we did indeed congratulate him.  

Thank you again and may this be the first of many such messages.

Year 10 parents

I was at the school show on Wednesday and it was nothing short of amazing.  The students performed well and were a real credit to the school.  Having a child in the show I know the hours of work that were put into the evening from both staff and students and it really paid off.  As parents we are grateful for the extra hours staff put into the extra-curricular activities which allow students to experience more than just education at Longdean School!

Year 8 parent

I would just like to say thank you for the lovely letter I received today in regards to my daughter being nominated as student of the month.  It made me cry tears of pride and I am overwhelmed at the outstanding personal touches that children and their parents receive from Longdean!  It's changed so much since I was a student there!  From the postcard from the geography department, to this letter, it's been really reassuring that Longdean was the right choice for my daughter.

Year 7 parent

We visited your School last night with our son, I feel I must congratulate you, the Staff and Students of Longdean School who were very friendly and helpful.  We were taken round by two students - these two young men could not have been more helpful and informative.  The way they conducted themselves with Staff members and other students was very impressive.  Our son really enjoyed himself and got involved in the activities.  Our other son was also with us and again had great fun.  We will be strongly considering Longdean for their future Education.

(Year 6 parent, open evening)

Our family came to visit Longdean school this evening, as I have a year 6 daughter.....we sat through the head's speech and then received a tour by a year 11 student (who was a lovely girl) and whilst she showed us round allowed us to ask questions and speak to teachers and we did not feel rushed.  One department that I must mention is the drama department -  when we walked through the door the students (ranging from year 9 to 11) welcomed us with open arms.  I expected the teacher to talk to us but the students stepped forward, talked/raved about the department, stating how happy they were.  I did attempt to speak to the teacher and he asked that I speak to the students as they had asked him "to step back and they would speak to visitors".  The students asked my daughter if she'd like to play a game and showed her how (they were very enthusiastic but welcoming).  I was very impressed with the department, the happiness of the children and how proud the teacher looked on was pleasant to see.

(Year 6 parent, open evening)

I am sure this will be one of many emails and messages you will be receiving over the next few days to congratulate you on such a successful event - everyone we encountered were absolutely first class and an asset to the school.  In particular your Spanish teacher......was fantastic and so passionate about not just her subject but also the whole language department and indeed the whole school, a modern day Mr Chips!  Also our sixth former guide for the day is someone who you should be extremely proud of and is the epitome of what the school should be aiming at, he took us round the school and fielded all our questions (including the daft ones) in a knowledgeable and honest manner.  He totally interacted with my son and encouraged him out of his shell.

(Year 6 parent, open evening)

I really enjoyed the lesson and I can't wait to start Longdean!

(Year 6 student, taster day)

I enjoyed coming to the taster day.  I bumped into children I knew that will be coming here in September so that has made me less nervous.


(Year 6 student)

As you know, Longdean was not our nearest school but our daughter had heard good things from her brother and wanted the same experience for herself, as did we.  She was supported by your staff in her final year in a way that enabled her to work hard and stay calm and we are very grateful for this.  She has finished school with a good set of friends, an ability to stay resilient and the university place she wanted.  Longdean completely fulfilled our expectations for both of our children, so thank you.

(Year 13 Parent)

We're very happy with the way our son has settled into the school and he's enjoying his start at Longdean.

(Year 7 Parent)

Thank you so much for supporting our sons through their Duke Of Edinburgh experience thus far.


As you said earlier this evening, they have learned an awful lot about themselves and have gained wonderful skills


Without you and all the teachers who have supported them, this wouldn’t be possible and my husband and I really appreciate all that you have done. Please pass on our thanks to all the members of staff who have been involved.

(Year 10/12 Parent)

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff that have supported our daughter through her time at Longdean.  As parents we could not have asked for a better experience and that is fully down to you and your dedicated team.  Furthermore, exam breakfasts - such a typically dedicated, positive and beyond the call of duty action.  As, I'm sure, most teenagers our daughter is a nightmare with breakfast and so I had raided Sainsburys for solutions.  Eating and learning at school has proved far more effective and supportive.  Thank you to all....fingers crossed for some healthy results.

(Year 11 Parent)
My daughter has really grown in so many wonderful ways doing this D of E and we would like to thank you and your team for all your kindness shown.  It is much appreciated.  In fact, we have all been so inspired by the D of E that on holiday in Wales this year we have signed up to do an afternoon of foraging with a local National Trust guide!  I'm sure my daughter will let you know how we get on!
(Year 10 Parent)
My son attended the Maths Masterclass and it was an amazing experience for him. 

He was thrilled to participate in the whole session…  children are getting exposure to other children's maths skills from other schools and they get to see things a bit differently and also realise that there is so much more to learn and so many new ways to learn and practice.

                                                      (Year 5 Parent)


My 11 year old son was enthusiastic and had follow-up questions at home and I’m sure that it helped him with some of the level 6 KS2 SATs problems.  My daughter (8 years old) who I brought along twice was also enthusiastic, asking even more questions than her brother!  It’s slightly too complex for her to understand everything, but I’m sure she’s increased her knowledge from the sessions.  The teacher was enthusiastic and engaging, getting the kids to find the answer and learn from themselves through “real life” example.

(Year 6 Parent)
I can’t speak highly enough of Longdean and in particular the 6th Form “team” – your support and the support he has received from every teacher in any of the subjects he has undertaken has been nothing less than superb.
(Year 12 Parent)
Thank you for helping my children get a good education… my children are very happy in their new school.

(Mid-Year Admission Parent)

Whilst still early days we are very happy that our son seems to have 'taken like a duck to water' to his new school environment and I am certain this is due to the brilliant taster and campus days he attended prior to joining.

(Year 7 Parent)

Our son joined Longdean in Year 12 to study for his A-levels. He achieved beyond our greatest expectations, with A*A*A*A at A-Level. 


Thanks to the commitment and hard work of all the staff at Longdean, their support for all the extra hours of study he put in, and the support of his Special Needs, he has gone on to his first choice of University.  As well as his academic success, he grew as a person at Longdean, through the Sixth Form enrichment activities, from PE though charity walks, fund raising, to the LSA quiz.  He had an outstanding form tutor to whom we are eternally grateful, and through the pastoral and House system, he developed a real sense of belonging, especially given that on day one he didn't know any students in the school.

(Year 13 Parent)

We would like to thank you and your staff for the support, encouragement and positive experience they have given to our son during his seven years at Longdean School. He came to the school struggling with confidence and was immediately appreciated and encouraged to be himself rather than moulded into someone he could not be. Through Longdean School he has been able to participate in two World Challenge Expeditions, enabling him to experience different cultures and learning to cope in difficult situations while working as part of a team. He has worked hard to raise all the money for these trips, and the skills learnt will be invaluable during his adult life. Your teachers have enabled him to grow into the confident and hard-working person he is today. They have encouraged and supported him to follow his ambitions and dreams which resulted in him obtaining amazing results in his GCSEs and A-Levels, Culminating in a place at Cambridge University. He has studied extremely hard to reach this goal, but without his dedicated teachers he would not have achieved this alone. He has been helped by many teachers over the years, including several that have been particularly inspirational to him.  We hope that Longdean continues to offer this high level of teaching and support over the coming years as it has produced an amazing student and our remaining two sons will continue to benefit from your dedicated staff. Many thanks to all the staff that have worked with him during his time at Longdean.

(Year 13 Parent)

Please pass on my thanks to all the staff involved in the production. It was such an energetic and lively show and it was tremendously moving to see all the children enjoying themselves so much and doing such a good job. We are very lucky to have so many adults at Longdean who give our children these fabulous opportunities and my boys certainly enjoyed every minute and have learned important life skills along the way too.

Thank you to Longdean School for helping my son achieve what he needed to become

a private in the army.

I just wanted to say how wonderful the Loserville production was. The cast and band were amazing. It was obvious that a great deal of work went into this show, thank you drama department staff, and it was a credit to the School. Well done Longdean!

As a Macmillan Cancer Support volunteer I would like to say how impressed I was at this morning’s assembly. Your students are a credit to their school; if the future of this country rests on their like we have a good future. Could you please pass on my sincere thanks to the 6th Form for their dedication and enthusiasm in raising £516-89 on the coffee morning, a fine achievement with the charity of others in mind. Macmillan could not exist without generous supporters. Longdean’s total of £1838-91 is remarkable. So, on behalf of those who will benefit from your kind donation, I would like to say a heartfelt ‘Thank You’.

Our son came to Longdean in the Sixth form following a recommendation to the level 2 course. I would just like to say a very big thank you as he now has his Grade C in Maths, and improved his English to an A, and has an A* in the HPQ. He also passed the other subjects, so I am one very proud Mum. He is now staying with you to do his A Levels. This one year GCSE course you offer is fantastic & a great opportunity to give these young students a second chance. Well done to Longdean School for having the initiative & foresight to allow a second chance to students from other schools for more students to achieve greater things. Once he finishes his A Levels he would like to go on to Uni.   

(Year 12 Parent)