Sixth Form

In Longdean Sixth Form we pride ourselves on our inclusivity. We offer a range of courses to suit the ability and academic requirements of our students. If students have not yet achieved the GCSE results to enable them to start A-Levels we offer them the opportunity to take a year to improve them by doing a Level 2 course while still being considered a member of the Sixth Form. Once they have completed this year and if they have improved their grades they are then welcome to start A-levels with us. If students achieve their desired GCSE grades and wish to start A Levels we are lucky enough to work within a consortium allowing students to travel between all schools in Dacorum so that they can have the opportunity to study as wide a variety of courses as possible.


During their time in Sixth Form each student is expected to become a prefect, being visible around the school during lunchtime and therefore being a positive role model for the younger students. We also require all Year 12 students to partake in some community service in order to gain a wider perspective and give something back to the community to which they belong.


During the final year of A-Levels we work closely with the students so that they can move onto the University destination or career of their choice. We have tutors dedicated to writing UCAS references and a Connexions advisor who works with us regularly offering advice on apprenticeships and job opportunities. We have had students leave us gaining extremely prestigious places in further education, such as, Cambridge, RADA, medical schools and many Russell Group institutions.


There are many extra-curricular opportunities available to Sixth formers, all designed to enhance the experiences of the students and contribute to their developing as well-rounded young people.


It is important to stress that we believe each student is an individual and we try to accommodate their personal needs in order that they achieve their full potential. Our dedicated pastoral team works hard to ensure all personal needs are met and all students leave us with the tools necessary to flourish in the wider world.