Apprenticeship Information

Virtual presentation for Year 11 parents 

What are we aiming to do?

The Careers Programme

We have a structured programme of Careers which takes place as specific modules during Social Science lessons, from Year 8 to Year 11.
In this time we gradually build up knowledge, confidence and employability skills so that informed choices can be made and future transitions are successful.  

Individual Guidance meetings - Year 9 - 13

At Longdean we also employ our own Guidance and Support Officer who is a trained Careers Adviser.
Eva Rodriguez is available for careers advice at any time. 

Lesson Content in Key Stage 3

  • Students look at the link between school and work and between educational achievements and the lifestyle they can lead as adults.
  • Students develop an understanding of equal opportunities, decision making skills.
  • Students review and improve their skills, interests and aptitudes.
  • Students develop an understanding of the world of work.

Sample Headline

  • Students are introduced to computer software that links their skills, aptitudes and interests to careers.
  • Students research careers, looking at the required qualifications and the routes to progress.
  • Students are prepared for future interviews.
  • Create a CV, an Action Plan and Mock Application form ready to use and update.
  • Students identify and develop key employability skills.

Supplementary Activities with Local Businesses

At Longdean we recognize the importance of students having regular contact with employers. The Government guidelines recommend that students have meaningful contact with people from business at least once very school year. The findings, from the Education and Employers charity, suggest that there are many long-term benefits of links with business.

Page Updated: 15/12/2020