Key Stage 3

Years 7 and 8

In 2019-20, we will be running a STEM Class for students with a real interest and aptitude for STEM (Science, Technology, Mathematics and Engineering). This class will follow the same broad curriculum, but will have more time in Computing and Science. Parents were invited to apply for their child to be in this class, and there was a selection process. During Year 7, all students have 18 hours of Resilience Programme Lessons. This project originated in the United States and it aims to develop students’ self-knowledge and coping skills so that they develop into happy and successful young people. All Longdean students in Years 7-11 have followed this programme – in fact, Longdean has been at the cutting edge in its development in the UK. More streaming based on ability is introduced as the students move into year 8.

All students complete Key Stage 3 at the end of Year 8 and start Key Stage 4 in Year 9.  During year 8, students will choose options in Year 8 for Years 9, 10 and 11.

Updated 06/11/2019