High Performing Students

Committed to providing a challenging Curriculum for all our students

Our Strategy

At Longdean School, we believe that all students are entitled to an education that will enable them to develop their full potential, be that intellectual, physical, creative, emotional, spiritual or social. All students have individual needs, which put personalised learning at the heart of our teaching and learning.
Longdean School is committed to providing a challenging curriculum for all of its students. In addition we will provide opportunities to identify and in turn nurture those who are more able.
The Longdean High Performance policy is therefore fully integral to our School Vision Statement as follows: 

‘I am proud of who I am and what I have achieved today’  

How we do it

High Performance children are those who have one or more abilities developed (or have the potential to develop these abilities) to a level significantly ahead of their year group

Successfully identify the High Performance cohort

Ensure that Longdean offers a wide range of opportunities and a high level of challenge to all

Help High Performance students to develop their skills and achievement to the highest possible levels

Support and enhance the teaching and learning that takes place in the classrooms and away from School

Create and promote an ethos that values high achievement across the school

Identifying High Performance Students

The quality of the school curriculum and programmes should enable the outstanding abilities of students to emerge and be recognized. However, no one method of identification can be entirely accurate since specific subject criteria will develop.

High Performance students will initially be identified by the school when their CAT and SAT scores become available at the beginning of Year 7.
At the end of Year 7 departments will be asked to identify students who show the potential to achieve a grade 7+ in their subject. Subject registers will run for an academic year and will be reviewed on an annual basis. 

Students who have cognitive ability test scores of 120 in one or more of the tests

Students who have the potential to achieve a grade 7+ in their GCSE examination. Departments draw up their own criteria for how they will judge this.

Students who demonstrate an exceptionally high ability in one or more sport, creative or practical subject. These departments draw up their own criteria for how they will judge this.

Whole School Provision for Able, High Performance Students

• Extension activities to stretch and challenge students in lessons.
• Enrichment activities to develop High Performance students in their exceptional area, e.g. Summer schools, Villiers Park, Social Mobility Foundation, Sutton Trust programmes and Summer Schools, Cambridge shadowing scheme, Oxford Pathways, Internships, HPQ for Year 10 students, International competitions.  

Departmental Provision

Each department designates a High Performance department champion. These Champions meet together with the High Performance Co-ordinator once a term.

Enrichment and extension activities are included in lessons.

Teachers have a record of High Performance students on their registers.

Departmental team discuss High Performance provision.

Register is updated and students’ progress monitored regularly.

Relevant High Performance enrichment activities are offered as extra-curricular activities.

Teachers routinely differentiate work for the top 10% in every class.


Department High Performance Champion

  • To keep up-to-date register of High Performance students for their subject
  • To inform relevant staff 
  • To liaise with the High Performance Co-ordinator. 

Heads of Department & Subject Teachers 

  • To identify students 
  • To inform relevant staff 
  • To keep up-to-date register of High Performance students for their subject 
  • To provide Schemes of Work that cater for High Performance students’ needs 
  • To plan differentiated lessons with enrichment & extension activities  

High Performance Co-ordinator

  • To monitor provision 
  • To keep up-to-date & disseminate High Performance register 
  • To monitor provision for High Performance students 
  • To act as point of contact and information for High Performance students. 
  • To search for opportunities to offer High Performance students and to make sure students are made aware of these opportunities. 

Page updated 03/10/2019