House System

Franklin House Badge   


House System

Our student body is split into four distinct Houses: Franklin, DaVinci, Gates  and Pascal.  Students are allocated to a House from the moment they are given their House badge on their very first day at Longdean.  House identity is reinforced by our vertical tutoring system, where students from different year groups are registered together every day, fostering a genuine sense of community throughout the school.


House competitions are an integral part of life at Longdean and students from each House pit their talents against each other in a variety of activities, ranging from chess, to football, to computer programming and much more.  House points are also rewarded for positive contributions to the day to day life of the school.


At the end of the academic year, students from the House with the highest points total travel together for a well-earned trip to Thorpe Park!


Longdean Assistant Headteacher Mr Ratcliffe has been asked to share his insights on pastoral care with SSAT* Journal, in an article which appears in the Spring 2015 edition.  You can read the extracted article here

*Schools, Students and Teachers Network