Sixth Form

Sixth Form

Sixth Form

In Longdean Sixth Form we pride ourselves on our inclusivity. We offer a range of courses to suit the ability and academic requirements of our students. If students have not yet achieved the GCSE results to enable them to start A-Levels we offer them the opportunity to take a year to improve them by doing a Level 2 course while still being considered a member of the Sixth Form. Once they have completed this year and if they have improved their grades they are then welcome to start A-levels with us. If students achieve their desired GCSE grades and wish to start A Levels we are lucky enough to work within a consortium allowing students to travel between all schools in Dacorum so that they can have the opportunity to study as wide a variety of courses as possible.


During their time in Sixth Form each student is expected to become a prefect, being visible around the school during lunchtime and therefore being a positive role model for the younger students. We also require all Year 12 students to partake in some community service in order to gain a wider perspective and give something back to the community to which they belong.


During the final year of A-Levels we work closely with the students so that they can move onto the University destination or career of their choice. We have tutors dedicated to writing UCAS references and a Connexions advisor who works with us regularly offering advice on apprenticeships and job opportunities. We have had students leave us gaining extremely prestigious places in further education, such as, Cambridge, RADA, medical schools and many Russell Group institutions.


There are many extra-curricular opportunities available to Sixth formers, all designed to enhance the experiences of the students and contribute to their developing as well-rounded young people.


It is important to stress that we believe each student is an individual and we try to accommodate their personal needs in order that they achieve their full potential. Our dedicated pastoral team works hard to ensure all personal needs are met and all students leave us with the tools necessary to flourish in the wider world.


Student Leadership

Student Leadership Structure 1711

 Student Leaders 1709

The Sixth Form Student Leadership Team are advocates for all students within the school and strive to work closely with staff within the school to make improvements and move the school forward. As part of the Student Leadership team the senior prefects and prefects support outstanding behaviour and learning in and outside the classroom. They are regularly involved with interviews for new staff, as well as tours, assemblies and other activities which promote the school. One of their main aims is to ensure all students enjoy their time and achieve their potential at Longdean whilst developing their leadership.


Head Girl: Abby Stevens

My name is Abby Stevens and I am Head Girl at Longdean School. As Head Girl, I am required to represent the school on many occasions and inspire the students as a whole within the school. My roles as Head Girl will be to ensure that the student voice is being heard whilst ensuring that the relationship between staff and pupils remains strong. I hope that the transition for our new year 7s is one of ease, and their first year at Longdean is one to be remembered. At A level I am studying three subjects; Psychology, Geography and Travel and Tourism. Outside of school my greatest interest is netball, which I play on a weekly basis with my local netball club. I enjoy the competitive spirit and excitement which a netball match can bring onto any netball player on the court. I hope to bring excitement and enthusiasm to students at Longdean, and by the end of next year I hope that I, alongside the other members of the leadership team, have made a positive impact in and around the school.

Head Boy: Kamil Rahman-Blake

I am Kamil Rahman-Blake, Head Boy of Longdean School. As Head Boy, it is my job to represent the school externally in a positive way, mainly by speaking at and attending events. Both externally and internally, it is my duty to exemplify what parents of current and prospective Longdean students may wish to see their children grow up to be. I do this primarily by conducting myself in an assured, enthusiastic manner. It is my job to be the bridge between Longdean students and the staff body, ensuring that all students have a platform to get a message to a member of staff and to help improve the school experience. I study Economics, Geography and Government and Politics at A Level and thoroughly enjoy all three. By the end of my time as Head Boy I wish to have left my positive stamp on Longdean and to have developed student leadership across the school.

Deputy Head Boys: Ethan Molloy

My name is Ethan Molloy and I am Deputy-Head Boy at Longdean School 2017-2018. My position allows me to take one of the leading roles in ensuring that Sixth Form duties are carried out all year round, including working with Katie to ensure the new year 12 students settle in to Sixth Form. For my A-Levels I am studying Geography, Theatre Studies and Sociology, whilst working alongside the Sixth Form Leadership Team to plan events such as our Leaver’s Dinner and whole school charity events held throughout the year (eg Macmillan Coffee Morning). My aims for the next year include making sure our Leadership Team has left a positive legacy at Longdean and working with the whole school to further our student voice.

Deputy Head Girls: Katie Dignum

My name is Katie Dignum and I am Deputy-Head Girl at Longdean School 2017-2018. This position enables me to help support the upcoming Year 12 whilst making sure that the Sixth Form are able to get involved in as many events as possible and to enjoy their time in the last few years of school. Working alongside the Deputy-Head Boy Ethan, I am responsible for ensuring Prefect duties are completed as well as being a part of the Sixth Form Leadership Team in planning future events with fundraising ideas.  I am currently studying three subjects: Psychology, Economics and Geography in which I thoroughly enjoy. By the end of this year I would like to make sure that us as the Sixth Form Leadership Team can continue on making Sixth Form a fun and enjoyable place whilst getting the different years to interact together.

Chair of Student Voice/Cooperative Ambassador boy: Jack Filan

My name is Jack Filan and my role is as Chair of the School Council and Student Representative to the Cooperative Schools Board. This means I am primarily involved in ensuring the views and recommendations of students are heard and acted upon by staff members and representing the views of the Longdean student body at a Cooperative level. I am also involved in the other roles of the Sixth Form Leadership Team, such as fundraising and organising our Leavers Dinner. For my A levels I am studying Biology, Chemistry and Maths. My main aims are to improve the influence that students have on the decisions that affect them and accurately represent the views of Longdean students to the Cooperative