Year 7

Year 7

In order for each student to achieve his/her potential and to enjoy learning, we aim to personalize the curriculum as far as possible.  The curriculum that year 7 follows is designed to build on the skills and knowledge gained during primary school and to develop the learning skills that will enable all students to cope with the challenge of examination courses later on in their educational journey.

All students follow a core programme of English, Mathematics, Science, ICT, Technology, Geography, History, PE and  Social Sciences, as well as  a Competency programme.

The Competency programme consists of four elements:

    • Opening Minds, combining English, Geography, History and Religious Education, with an emphasis on developing literacy, independent learning and emotional intelligence.

    • Future Skills, combining Mathematics, Science, ICT and Technology, with an emphasis on developing Personal, Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTs) – creative thinking, team working, self‐managing, effective participating and reflective learning.

    • Creative Arts, combining Art, Dance, Drama and Music, where PLTs are also developed.

  • Resilience Programme – learning about yourself and developing the skills necessary to cope with real‐life problems and situations.