Student Lockers

Allocation & Waiting List

We have a limited number of lockers available for students to hire. Lockers will be initially allocated by random selection and a waiting list maintained thereafter. Application forms will be emailed to you via Operoo App when available. 

You will be notified via Operoo App if your child’s application is successful or you are added on a waiting list. From here, if you are successful, you will be invited to pay for your child’s locker via SIMS Pay (

Application Form
Terms &
Locker Costs

Padlocks will be issued to the student once the deposit and rental fee has been received.

Deposit will be returned when the student leaves the school (or surrenders the locker), upon returning their issued padlock and leaving a locker in a serviceable condition.

For the first rental year you will need to provide the annual rental payment and deposit before a locker and padlock can be issued, following year’s, rental payment required only.

Note: Annual renewal should be paid by 15th July each year. Reminder email will be sent two weeks prior to renewal deadline date. If payment is not received by requested date, the student will lose the use of the locker over summer holidays and you will not be able to claim your deposit refund. Locker will be emptied and allocated to the next person on the waiting list.

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have further questions.

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Updated 16/03/2021